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Hi – I’m Lia. 🙂  I am wife to my biggest motivator, Tyler, momma bear to perfect little girls, Charlie and Amelia, have 2 crazy cats, and live in the beautiful city of Huntsville, AL.

My personal stories of love, loss, abuse, and restoration will rouse the lioness (or lion) in you and help you begin to understand the impossible grace of Jesus.

I am a proud entrepreneur, author, teacher, and speaker and value my ability to foster long-lasting connections and lead people to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Stick with me (and my bestie, Jesus) for ONE year and just watch as your life begins to transform into something you never imagined. That was me! I am and should be another statistic. But God…

I believe in you and God loves you more than you could EVER imagine. 

C’mon, let’s do this together…

Ya girl in Christ,